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Dean Gould has been working in the film / stunt industry since 1990. Beginning as a Stunt Performer he is now also an Advanced Rigger, a Safety Supervisor, an Action Director and, primarily, a Stunt Coordinator.

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'The Tourist'

Dean Gould and his team have always been my 'go to’ for stunts. Five stars! 

I have worked with Dean and his team many times over the years and will continue to do so.

Their work is excellent and inventive and they are always dedicated to safety.


Ian Watson - ‘Director’

I was mid character rehearsal and wandered on down to 15 stuntmen in a pair of footy shorts and old paddle sandals. Deano and the 15 stuntmen were standing by and laughing. We proceeded to rehearse an extremely difficult 3 part fight scene for the opening of Les Norton. He wasn’t just accommodating or professional he was also laid-back and very easy to learn from. The stuntmen around had a huge respect for him as I did. We proceeded to jump, crash, shoot, punch and laugh our way through a gruelling 5 months. 


His professionalism comes in a laid-back but totally switched-on approach only a guy with his experience could have. It wasn’t just a pleasure it was a school in how to get it done safely while making the shots look real. Anything I do in the future has his name on it and I highly recommend him to anyone in production with a set of ears. 

I look forward to the future and our next projects together. 


Alexander Bertrand  - 'Actor'

Dean was one of the first stunt performers I met when I started about 20 years ago. There was no one close to his 'all-rounder' current skill level and experience, from cars, bikes, horses, heights, fights, fire, falls, car hits, stunt rigging, he did it all. I have learned so much from Dean, as he knows best how to teach when he knows first-hand how to achieve any stunt safely. I was then lucky enough to perform alongside Dean and to work as a performer for him as a stunt coordinator. Dean is one of my favourites to work for and one of the best out there on a world standard. I have seen him come up with the quickest of solutions for every problem thrown his way, including creating impromptu fight scenes on the spot to cater for actors' performance and ability and camera angle restrictions for fast moving tv shows and then to have perfectionist finesse for feature film work. I personally love and respect working for any stunt coordinator that has been there and done that which is why Dean Gould is one of the best and can always provide great hard-hitting character action safely. 


Brett Sheerin - Stunt performer / Stunt Coordinator


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